My name is Shane Gerhardt.


Currently I’m working as a front end developer at PBHS building the best dental/medical custom Wordpress sites in the field.


While I’m working as a front end developer, my background is actually in Computer Science. I received my B.S. in Computer Science from San Francisco State University in 2013, where I studied Object Oriented Programming, Agile development, database design, and other programming topics such as data types and data structures.


My real passion in programming is working with mobile applications. Consumers spend 85% of their phone time on using apps, and that number will only increase. I developed and deployed a mobile app for Windows Phone that saw over a thousand downloads, and I have developed other small proof of concept apps for iPhone and Windows Phone that I haven’t released. My passion for mobile apps is what lead to my career in front end development. Even though native apps are king for the moment, I believe the future of mobile applications is on the web.

You're all caught up

My programming background gives me a unique point of view in developing websites, specifically in writing CSS. I have a modular approach to css that minimizes repeating code and makes maintaining the css much easier, even coming back to the project months later. I also am very familiar with the backend and am able to use that to my advantage.

You can see a few of the websites I’m proud of, as well as my other creations, on the projects page.